How to make zongzi

June 3, 2011 9:00am CST
The traditional Chinese calendar ngox wedx xup ngox is Dragon Boat Festival. At that day, Chinese people have a trandition which is eating zongzi.And do you know how to make zongzi? Let me tell you a easy way, I'd like to talk about it with you. First of all, you should prepare some raw materials,like polished glutinous rice?jujubes?reed leaves. The second, you shoule wash the glutinous rice, take the reed leaves in the boiled water, clear the jujubes. The third step, you should wrap up the glutinous rice and three jujubes use the reed leaves. At last but not the least, put the zongzi in a iron pan which is filled with water,and then heating the water until boiling,continuous boiling two hours.At this time,zongzi should put in the hot water for only one hours, then put it in the cold water.OK,edible. May be you can try to do it by yourself,thanks very much.
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