What about all the genetically altered food that are making us sick?

June 3, 2011 2:14pm CST
I am worried about our world. First, we are short on food because of all the natural disasters that are either wiping our crops away or making them inedible. Second, we are creating these poisonous crops or meats from feed them or growing them on toxic grounds or feeds. Then we are creating genetically altered foods and are creating problems. What are your take on this issues? It seems that the human race is wiping ourselves out because we are trying to play God and we have no regards for our own race by producing products that only generate profit.
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@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
3 Jun 11
I think you are somewhat exagerating. I agree on both your statements, both some natural disasters happening and junk food created, but I really don't think those two resources are reliable from just one country. There are many places where nice vegetables are still grown naturally and are capable of being exported, also many nutritional food places that give the option for people that don't eat crappy food. No need to get upset, there are many people as well that are in favor of the world's well being.
15 Jun 11
I agree that there are still small companies or farmers that are trying to do the right thing and run their business with a conscious. However, the big corporations are trying to force them out of business. Us consumers really have to support them and show the big corporations that are not running their business with ethics that we are refuse to buy their products that are full of poison.