When You Have to Put Up With a Roommate

June 3, 2011 11:30pm CST
Have you ever had a roommate? I have had many roommates and its very seldom that you can have someone who would like cleaning up, throwing the garbage out or simply just be neat.It would have been nice if you don't have to share but since you're splitting the rent, that sort of gives both equal rights. Sigh, there was one time that I had this roommate who likes singing loud when he wakes up. He sings pretty well but who wants to be awakened by anyone singing loud in the morning? And he was pretty untidy as well, all his dirty clothes were all over the place and I never remembered him cleaning up the room at all! Well, good thing he's married now. And there was this dude who shared my room before but suddenly disappeared with some of my belongings. Good thing it wasnt very costly, just some personal stuff. I could have given them to him if he only asked! I remembered this good friend i had who had been one of my roommates when he was still single! To my surprise he likes cleaning up! He throws the garbage out, he likes sweeping the floor! The only downside is that he seems to like doing them when Im eating or when im comfortably watching TV and has to block my view while cleaning up. Well, my roommate right now is very sweet, you can tell him to clean up and he does it with no complaints! Perfect right? Well, almost. Its just that he's so forgetful. He forgets his keys and arrives late so I have to stay awake to open the door for him. And there was one time he left the faucet running, and when I arrived my things were floating away! Gosh! Please! Cant one have a normal roommate?
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• India
4 Jun 11
i was lucky that i got some very understanding roommates whom no one would like to lose. It would be very difficult to stay in the room if we get room mates so annoying and non-cooperative
@naija4real (1293)
4 Jun 11
One can not always have the best thing we so long for and desired. We are living in a world in which there are so many difficult person that nature have directed to live with out. I think the best bet is for you to be tolerant. When you are t
• Philippines
4 Jun 11
I feel for you...when I was in college since I was the eldest my mom just let me live in a boarding house for girls and we were three inside the room...now, being girls, you'd think they'll be okay right? One roommate use my eating utensils regularly, even though she had her own...the reason? She is too lazy in washing them!!! And I had to wash them up!!! The other has the habit of sleeping in my bed, and she salivates you see when she sleeps...yuck... I had to endure that for a year and begged mom to let me find another boarding house, she relented...and I got a room where there were only two of us, she was okay, neat and even cleans up my mess when I'm so busy doing my projects...BUT, she had a really bad habit of using my clothes!!! Now, it's okay most of the times but she has a very wrong timing of wearing what I had planned to wear!!!! But, we were okay, we got to be friends so I just tolerated it, she washes them anyway...then when she graduated, (she was 2 years my senior in college and 3 yrs. older than me), I begged my best friend to become my roommate and all went well after that... Now, I live with my siblings...and it's more than okay, I lord over them JOKE!!!