TV Receiveers in Students Flats

@toosix (81)
June 4, 2011 12:14am CST
Nowadays an increaasing number of student's flats have TV receivers installed in them.TV presents a vivid world in front of tudents. Boys could enjoy sports games at will. Some programs help students recharge their knowledge and keep them abreast of modern developments.Tv receivers enrich their knowledge and keep them abreast of modern developments .TV receivers enrich their learning life.Obviously, students are not free frome any troubles.Some students are addicted to TV. TV receivers in some flats are still on late at night or never thrned off on weekends.Some students spend much spare time watching TV programs,which is seriously interfering with their responsibilities at school.Still some students' eyes are getting In my opinion,moderation is the key to everything including watching TV programs. I would not recommend that students try to eliminate TV receivers totally from their flats.However,we need to strike some kind of a balance between the TV programs and school studies.Learning to successfully manage time at a young age will definitely pay off in later life.
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