Serve God

June 4, 2011 3:21am CST
"For if you possess these qualities increasingly, they will render your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ neither inactive nor unproductive" (2Peter 1:8). For the people who have been saved in Christ, we should have a commitment to live in obedience, as doers of the word, and when we do our word referred to as a happy person. Bible records: "But anyone researching the perfect law, the law of liberty of people, and he perseveres in it, not just hear to forget, but actually do it, he would be happy by his actions" (James 1:25). This is a manifestation of our response to the salvation we have received for free from God. To be doers of the word every day requires commitment to do so faithfully, if there is no determination to make the word of God continually in the not so long will our faith is getting weaker. Therefore, the apostle Peter with very firmly reminds us to be more enterprising and more earnestly in the Lord, so that our knowledge of Jesus Christ, the more perfect: increasingly mature, increasingly acceptable in the eyes of God and the day of our live more and more a witness to the glory of God's name. We should be grateful because God has called and chosen us to serve Him and be a working partner to work on big projects on this earth. He not only called and chose us, but He also equip us for every good deed. God gives gifts to us in order for talents that we use the maximum for sake of God's work. If we are serious about using our talents means that we are serving Him, so no reason not to serve the Lord. There are many kinds of talents that God gives us as an equipment service work. Well, when we have decided to become a Christian then we also must always follow the example of Christ is Faithfully serving God with all my heart.
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