My Grandma over paid and the lady took it no questions asked..

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June 4, 2011 9:07am CST
My Grandma is getting older and has been sick for many years. My daughter is 8 and when I was pregnant with her my Grandma was diagnosed with Lythphoma (sp) She has had heart problems, has had multiple surgeries, is bleeding internally but the docs cant find where so she has a few blood transplants, had her heart reshocked since it was out of rythem, etc. Her body has been failing for years, but her mind always sharp. My grandparents own a few hardware stores and a cpl other businesses so she was even able to do some work from homw for these np. The past little over a year though her mind has been failing. She is forgetting more. Her writing is showing it, she isnt suppose to drive, etc. So she went to get her hair done. My aunt took her. She was dropped off. When she was done she wrote the tip for the same amount it cost to get her done. MY aunt didnt find out till later when she looked in the check book. It was relaly upsetting that the lady just took it, full knowing it was a mistake. I told my Mom they shldnt go to her anymore, but my Grandma is stubborn and dosent seem to mind to much that this happend. I think with her mind failing she might not completly understand. MY aunt has now said they wil pay for her hair before they do it and the tip till be very little. I dont know why ppl are so willing to take advantage of someone when they know it was an accident and the person is just showing their age. I of course belive the hairdresser should be confronted on this and still might when they go back. Just sad ppl do this.
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@Savvynlady (3686)
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4 Jun 11
A person knows what they're getting paid and when one sees something for an amount that may be unusual, I would have to ask what is going on. Now it could be she didn't pay the time before or something or the other, just giving the benefit of the doubt but to me, I feel I would question this so as to be sure as to what is going on.
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5 Jun 11
No, Im sure my Grandma just got confused on the tip. She never forgets to pay. She has walked out of a store before with something that got missed in check out and went back in to pay for it. The lady was just taking advantage and I find it crazy since my Grandma sees the same lady all the time. I think the lady should definatly be questioned.