How will you know if your friend is really your friend?

June 4, 2011 1:35pm CST
I had this friend of mine that is somehow close to me. sharing of ideas, hang outs, play basketball, doing all boys stuff. but one thing is bothering me, how will you know if he or she is true to you, or just pretending to be a friend of yours?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
5 Jun 11
A friend is one who does not judge you, Who's who you know and who brings tears paint your smile. It's the one who stands by you in the best moments in the most horrible nightmares. It's sad when you're the one who knows to make your tears dry up. A friend is one who knows what to tell you to give you a sight of hope. It's the one who knows when to give you hand baths, but sometimes it lets you pick one. That's the one who knows you and you do not want or expect to ever change. I loves every moment spent with him, good and bad. And it with you to your soul happy. A friend is one who knows how to forgive and ask forgiveness. He who never abandons you, What's your wings to grow, Who believes in you before anyone. That's the one who tells you the truth no matter how tough it is, because it will heal you and give you or shoulder. A friend is a person who does not let, do not give up, do not betray. It's not arrogant or selfish. Patient and loving. Counsellor and always near you. Do not let him go, because in the end it's dark .. and much cooler.
@jugsjugs (13044)
4 Jun 11
I think that there are a lot of people that we class as friends, until we find out that they are the people that we can really do with out.Even friends that i had known for a long time have turned out to be two faced as well as back stabbers.It is really hard to find a true and trusting friend.
• India
4 Jun 11
according to me situations tell us whether the friend is real or not i.e if a friend helps you in tough situations then you should trust him or her as a true friend but if that persons maintains good contact or relationship but runs away in need then you should not trust him or her and try to make your relation as a formal one........