What are some stretches I can do to work out some sore thighs?

June 5, 2011 6:09pm CST
I went skating with my girlfriend yesterday, and we're both pretty good so we kept a fast pace and went hard the whole time. The downside to this is I pulled the muscles in my thigh. How can I stretch them out to make them feel better?
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• Singapore
6 Jun 11
It depends on whether your pulled muscle is the quadriceps (front) or hamstrings (back) I will be giving you the most common stretches for the muscles For the quads - Stand Still, Pull your leg backwards so that ankle is touching butt. Use ur hand to hold ur leg there. If you cannot balance, hold something with your free hand to support you. For the Hamstring - Sit on the floor, put your injured leg out. Try to touch your ankles. I hope you will recover fast enough and that my responce has helped you.