Do dogs have dreams?

@eljayo (1107)
June 5, 2011 7:49pm CST
Hi guys! I'm wondering if dongs do have dreams. I have a puppy and this week I noticed when she slept she was barking softly while in her sleep. I saw this twice this week and I was really amazed. I just want to confirm to those who have pets. Do you think they also have dreams. She was so cute when she did that bark while asleep. What can you share?please help me find out..hehe
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@_sketch_ (5709)
• United States
6 Jun 11
Yes of course they have dreams. Their brains are really not allll that different from ours. Haven't you seen at least in the movies or cartoons where dogs move their legs in their sleep as if they are running, chasing after something? They do that all the time.
@eljayo (1107)
• Philippines
6 Jun 11
hi.yes Ive seen my dog do that leg moving while asleep.Its really amazing. I'm really wondering what their dreams are about.It makes me curious and interested.
@Brijet (18)
3 Mar 12
Yes. My dog have the same thing too. SHE had her DREAMS...and she was barking and or crying..I can't say. She just looks so cute and she was like running in her dreams.
@youless (93718)
• Guangzhou, China
14 Jun 11
I think dogs have the dreams. As I had a dog before. When he fell asleep, sometimes I could see that he was chewing and it was very funny. Perhaps he dreamed to have a nice meal:) I love China
• Philippines
6 Jun 11
Yes, they do. And it is really too cute for words. Whenever I hear my little baby girl, I also think about what she's dreaming about. I even hear her snore sometimes, as we sleep in the same room and her bed is close to mine.