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@marie2052 (3697)
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June 5, 2011 8:13pm CST
My husband looked forward to seeing his son graduate from high school last week. He had told me when his son started his senior year he would go see him graduate if he passed and finished school. So while we were allowed to watch his grades every year from freshman to senior, we saw him flunking subjects through all four years. when we were sure he would not pass certain subjects, when the school year ended, despite what we had seen assignments missing, low scores, the school and state found it more important to flip his grade to a low passing grade and passed him through each year. We know he DID have to take summer school only once for two subjects that were mandatory for him to pass. But as his last couple of days were approaching, he was flunking a subject he had like a 48%. His counselor had already written my husband a email stating he would graduate. well we went to Texas from Florida to see him graduate. My husband went with his older son to the commencement. when we got back home, this morning he got up to look at his final scores and they had completely changed his grade in two days from a 48% to a 70%. I am wondering if all schools today just pass kids through. My son was homeschooled for his last 3 years of high school. While I was not a teacher, I sat up many hours at night burning the candle at both ends so to speak so I would understand what I had to teach him (6 subjects a day) My son got all A's and a B for a lesser subject he found difficult. His graduation from the Academy was a 3.42 and he graduated 157 out of 569 students graduating that year. I am proud of him, but prouder still that I took on the challenge to teach him myself. IF schools are just going to hurdle the kids through school, I really think its a shame. We spent thousands of dollars to purchase printers, chemistry labs, biology items needed a microscope, home ec had to have a sewing machine. If you are genuinely TEACHING homeschooling, its not just getting a book and calling it a day. I spent countless hours teaching him hands on at the ocean, we even disected a man of war in his biology to write a report. I know there are kids that truly struggle through school and are proud of the grades they get while others find learning easy and have no trouble in any subject. But if a child is not going to school daily as my husband's son was (missed 35 days this year) and genuinely was flunking and still got to graduate, what does that say for the child setting next to him doing their work every day and NOT missing school. I wonder how many other parents out there are noticing what we are in their schools? Any comments? Would love to hear them.
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@cerebellum (3871)
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6 Jun 11
Unfortunately this seems to happen at a lot of schools. I think they get funding based on how many children graduate or pass. It is terrible. I have heard of one local school district that is so bad, most of their graduates can't even pass a simple test to get into the military. Home schooling is the way to go if you can handle it. It sounds like you did a great job, but a lot of parents aren't willing to put the time and money in it as you did.
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