I get pity to those animals that was tortured T_T

@rhejans (191)
June 6, 2011 2:56am CST
When i was on my way to office. I've just encounter a kid with a 3 cute puppies. He just hurting them. he pushing and pulling the tale of three puppies. :( and those puppies seems to cry. I was really pity to them. I want to take them away to that kid. :( I can't even speak out because of his chaperon looks like a bouncer. did you ever encounter like this scenario before? have you ever feel the same way? what did you do?
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• Philippines
6 Jun 11
Children tend to play rough with animals. Specially those who were not taught the proper way to handle animals. What that kid was doing is very irresponsible. Not only was he hurting the animals, he is putting himself at risk of animal attack. I wonder where the mother of those puppies were? And the puppies might be hurt enough to suddenly fight back. Shame on the adult. Tsk tsk.