to be smart or to be stupid?

June 6, 2011 6:35am CST
Many people think that they are stupid but some are not. Why do people do that? Maybe because of low self-esteem. Some people thing that they are smart due to over confidence. Why does it happen? Many people are like that because of too much of appraisal from others. It could be harmful if they would not be recognized or being special to the eyes of others. Stupidity does not mean that you are low but it is their coping mechanism to find ways to hide their true feeling. It does not mean that you should have the world in your hand but you have to accept the fact that you are the one who make yourself pity if you think that you are stupid. Now, here is the question. Would rather to be STUPID? or rather to be SMART?
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7 Jun 11
Self esteem is very vital and affects the way a person is thinking that is given. Some people destroy other peoples self condifence and think it makes them better but it doesnt. People dont choose how to portray themselves. people around them affect they way they view themselves. ALthough you should be able to let others affect the way you perceive yourself.
@SIMPLYD (86317)
• Philippines
7 Jun 11
Of course who wouldn't want to be smart? I want to be branded as smart than stupid, and be respected for being such.
• Indonesia
6 Jun 11
well, i think we must be foolish, but think smart. maybe.
• Canada
6 Jun 11
I believe people's actions and how they present themselves have always been influenced by their surrounding, when people are being challenged by there peers in whatsoever way, they tend to accept the challenge and fight back, when people are not challenged by their peers they just sit back on the same level as their peers. My point is knowing that people naturally take challenges, they should recognize this and continue to challenge themselves to and move forward, showing their ability of being smart, as now they will most likely present themselves as 'smart'. Now if u continue a basic lifestyle where you don't do much, you will most likely present yourself as 'stupid' ESPECIALLY when you are slowly venturing outside your comfort zone, where people outside your comfort zone continue to challenge themselves. No one is stupid, no one is smart, ofcourse their will be gifted people, but sometimes those gifted people are not socially smart either. So challenge yourself and various ways and you will develop to be 'smart' in societies terms. Also by challenges it could mean anything you please, my suggestion is to learn something new each day. With gained knowledge everyday, people tend to be more comfortable with their surrounding i.e. the confidence you speak of. People who are not full of knowledge, they tend to be more shy as they do know know what to say. I personally would be considered 'smart' in my terms instead of public opinion, ones success is not measured by other peoples criticism but their own.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
6 Jun 11
Many years ago Indian culture began to allow small steps on the line of my life. One of the changes that produced them is the attitude that when someone was trying to offend me or jostle with one word too directly react and treat the situation as it is a word they separate from the rest of reality to which they are surrounded. When someone makes me feel bad I have a very fast when I detach from what he said. In fact this is hardly a novelty in respect of all people around me. I think everyone there is bad but I think everyone is smart. In some situations it is stupid (meaning do not) and is smart in some situations (meaning the handle). You can be smart when you record a cassette tape but you can be stupid when you drive a car. If we are to enumerate a lot of situations where I think I'm stupid and I find a lot if we were to enumerate those that are slightly longer stay smart as you think. I think you're pretty stupid to understand how something can be smart. But to fully consider how clever something is stupid.