Treat me with respect and I'll see to it that you'll get the same treatment..

@asliah (11148)
June 6, 2011 10:52am CST
what i mean is a person who never show the real them that they are really nice with me when we face each other and when i turn back you have many negative words out to your mouth against to me,i mean a back-fighter one,even you are my relative dont expect that i will treat you nice with respect. what will you do if someone never treat you nicely?especially your relative?will you blame them or what?and why?
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• United States
7 Jun 11
That is so true as I want what I give, though at times people who are suppose to love us such as family can truly hurt us, but I try to distance myself of people like this because it causes me more harm then good. I can truly be amicable but I do not waste any efforts, because I deserve the same respect I give to them.
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
23 Aug 11
I will ignore these types of people. I know deep inside that I haven't done anything wrong to them so they should be ignored. These types of people are no good to fight back or to talk back. No matter if they are my relatives, as long as I know I haven't done them harm then I will ignore them as much as possible. I will not be the one who will get tired of saying bad things after all.
@moirai (2311)
• Philippines
7 Jun 11
Hmm... well, if someone, relative or not, is nice to me only when we are face to face but is the opposite behind my back, that's too bad. But that is probably more their problem than mine... What I should work on is to be a good person myself so that other people will see that and they will not believe any negative things other people will say about me because they will see that those negative things are not true. Now, what will I do about that person who says negative things behind my back? Will I not treat them with respect? If I find out that they are saying negative things about me, the first thing that I'll probably do is try to find out, ask them for example, why they are saying such things about me. Do they have a reason? Did we have some misunderstanding? Maybe we can try to work it out first. If talking about it doesn't work, then maybe it's better if our paths cross as little as possible. =P But in case it does, then I think I will treat them the same way as I treat every other person. And so yes, that means with a certain degree of respect - be civil towards them. But I will try not to go down to their level and say negative things about them behind their backs...
• Philippines
7 Jun 11
hello i may not have that kind of experience but i have been working with people with different attitudes and attitudes that you are referring to. as for me i don't blame simply because maybe they we're not knowledgeable that they are hurting people and maybe they feel good about doing it. usually what i do is i talk to them 1 on 1 and tell them what i feel about them and also ask them why they are doing such a thing, though others may find it hard but for me it's very useful because i could understand them and i will know why they do things like that,,
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
7 Jun 11
Hi asliah, Respect should not be in words alone it should be in deeds. You respect me and be sure you will get the same treatment from my end. I am a human being not without flaws and drawbacks. Show them me on the face I will thank you from the core of my heart but please for God's sake do not talk ill behind my back. At this if I grow violent, do not blame me. Since I have treated you with respect I would expect the same from your end as you have said "..treat me with respect.." This reciprocation applies among us differently at different situation. But the chain of give and take does not break. I love you thirty thousand brothers could not with the quantity of love. Similarly I will jump down the hill if you are faith full and worth my friend and human being as well. Nice discussion.
• Australia
7 Jun 11
I think that respect is earnt and not something you give away to people who dont deserve it, that's what so special sbout respect. I agree that respect is a 2 way street and you shouldnt respect someone who has no respect for you, its like not respecting yourself and only the weak go down that road. So what if you have enemies atleast you stood up for something.
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
6 Jun 11
That is people~ Everyone of us are like that. If they are not talking bad at the back they will think badly inside their mind. We are all like that but it varies to situations. For bad mouth people who is a poker face too I will not compromise with them. Most of the time if I know that they are talking badly to me at the back I will come to them and ask for the truth. I don't like hiding things as it will become worse and if they continue doing it, it's up to them. I am done with it. Just let them talk badly as the karma/past will haunt them back!
@jayen28 (84)
6 Jun 11
I do understand your feeling because i experience the same way but it's life you never please every body that way you wishing for it. so that i ignore what they say if i know to my heart that they are wrong and i prove to them that im not the person they think about me, so they realize or maybe they felt shame to themself. because when i do the same they should be, how do gain their respect if i prove to them that they are right, i do believe that gaining respect is a matter to work it out and not easy to achieve no matter what if they are relative or not, it's a personality that they see in you as person it self. One thing that i learn is, i always try to control my emotion and be patience, hold my angry as long as i can so that i can think right.