Why they are digging the Same topics ?

June 6, 2011 12:30pm CST
As far as i have seen in Mylot , most of the newbies were digging the same topics like what "OS do you " , "Which browser is the best" , "Facebook , Twitter or Orkut" and even more? am really tired of answering those topics ?!
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@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
10 Jun 11
The good thing about being a member here in myLot is there will often be a lot of the same type of discussions especially when started by some of the Newbies in here. That is why it is important to add to your interests from time to time to be able to see many of the other interesting type of discussions being started in here all of the time. For me a lot of times I have to ignore all of the Make Money or Computer type discussions as these usually are repeats, or nothing I am interested in responding back too.
• United States
6 Jun 11
Hi style, Yes any old and or recent discussion can be answered and sometimes new and or older members do answer old discussions. Usually if I do not have anything new to contribute to it I simply do not. As mysdianait says above, when and if we decide to respond to any old discussions we need to remember the guidelines because some could be violations in which now are relived discussions and will most likely be deleted. Not all but some as you mentioned do sound like violations, therefore as with the recent we should remember the guidelines before responding to them. But if there is an old discussion that maybe you feel is beneficial for members to now see and continue to learn and or respond from them by all means it is allowed.
@mysdianait (64316)
• Italy
6 Jun 11
You would be best to avoid responding on those type of topics that you mention because they are all polls and not discussions. Polls are deleted as per the discussions Guidelines. Many new users do read any of the information provided by nyLot before posting and they get the wrong idea of what is required here. They learn later, if they are still here
@ravisivan (14053)
• India
6 Jun 11
Style ! why are you feeling bored ! The best option will be to raise discussion on any topic that comes to ur mind. In ur age you will get points relating to politics, business, job, degree, love etc. pl write on them.
@SamLund (23)
6 Jun 11
ha ha its difficult to think of possible discussions when your not used to it, its a modern thinking website, I feel its better to occasionally write on important topics but as I myself am new I couldn't resist a how do you do it comment sorry about that "/