Why do women wear make up and men lie?

June 7, 2011 12:54pm CST
BECAUSE women fall in love by what they hear,they just wanna hear something good about themselves and if you know how to praise a girl than you will never fall short of girl friends and that is the reason why men lie and men fall in love by what they see thats why women wear make up.
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• Philippines
8 Jun 11
Some women wear make up for the heck of it. It really depends. IT might be because they want to attract a man. But it is not always the case. Men lie because they are afraid to the reaction when they tell the truth--not because they are men. It's unfair to generally say that men are liars. There are some that don't--not too much anyway. But women also do that right? I should know. I'm one of the confused ones. lol.
• India
8 Jun 11
Some cunning women just wear make up to attract guys for their own benefit and men lies because they are attracted to woman and they want her to be their life but in some case it is not true there are girls which look attractive without make up and there are man who do not lie.