Are you concered about nuclear technology?

image of an older nuclear plant design-boiling wat - this is an image of an older nuclear reactor design, it is known as a boiling water reactor (BWR), its a simple design that boils water, steam runs the turbine, excess steam is caught and returns back for another cycle.

BWR is one of the earliest designs of nuclear plants it is originally an american design, more advances and designs now exist.
June 7, 2011 2:24pm CST
Nuclear technology and nuclear sciences have been very useful in todays society. It is used for medical treatments as well as providing power to our communities. I have been studying nuclear plants, and i have been through discussion with nuclear engineers and nuclear scientists. One of the best quotes are have received are, "it is safer inside a nuclear facility, than outside of one," "you are more likely to get sick outside a nuclear facility than inside." Nuclear studies, must have a purpose to be studied or the government cannot allow it. It must have a benefit to the people. And it should be practiced plenty of times before allowing the real procedure in order to fix and bugs and issues. I do not support nuclear weapons, however i am firm on nuclear power, and nuclear for health benefits. Keep in mind, there are background radiation around you, rocks, sun, including the radiation of lead in your body, etc. And nuclear facilities are very safe having many safety tanks, especially with the newer facilities. Older facilities should definitely be questioned. But does it concern you? and why?
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@GemmaR (8526)
9 Jun 11
I am a little scared because it is so powerful. Not just the technology itself, but the way in which nuclear weapons could be used. If everybody used a nuclear weapon, it would be all too easy to destroy the entire world if there was an unresolvable conflict between nations. We have seen such destructive wars in our past that we ought to know how much more damage could be caused to our planet if we used better and more powerful weapons. The world needs to be careful about how they use their weapons, as I strongly believe that the first country to fire a nuclear missile will be the one responsible for the end of the world.
• Canada
9 Jun 11
I agree, I do fear nuclear weapons, especially on human hands. As humans, we are always imperfect and always ran by emotions and of course stupidity. However, nuclear weapons, though still in existence, is not tolerated by the majority of all the countries, even the ones that has nuclear weapon. Though unwanted research on nuclear weapons exist, it is very unlikely that a war using these weapons will occur, as leader countries will always take action, and in most cases are motivated by their citizens to step in. If only nuclear weapons, ceased to exist and safe research for nuclear steps above the chain. Thanks for the post.