Skype problem caused serious problems to a lot of users. Will prove a challenge

@amitavroy (4824)
June 7, 2011 10:19pm CST
Early on Tuesday one of the most popular chat service Skype experienced a massive problem. With a large number of users not able to log in and make calls. According to PCWorld millions of users were affected due to this problem. On Skype’s latest updates it was said that today’s problem was stabilized and recovery was going on. But still signing in to Skype and making calls were not functional. “Skype should return to normal soon” wrote Skype blogger Peter Parkes. A Russian hacker claimed last week to have re-engineered a part of Skype’s protocol and posted it on the net. Although Skype responses by saying that they were taking necessary steps to prevent and or defeat the notorious steps to keep the Skype’s experience consistent and stable. But nothing of that sort is not visible. But they do claim that they take the Skype’s safety and security very seriously and want to make each of their user’s experience the best possible. And these are no small problems and Microsoft after making one of their biggest acquisition need to make sure that the user experience remains the same. With around $8.5 billion for acquisition Microsoft should make sure such things not happen or else this can be a huge setback for them. It is said that things are moving on the direction to integrate Skype with Microsoft devices like Xbox, Kinect, Windows Phone and even Outlook. If you ask me personally, Skype is a very professional tools used for a lot of business activities. Lot of companies heavily depend on it for daily calls and information exchange and so it will be better if Microsoft soon come up with a stable fix for the same.
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