LIMITLESS.... If only it is TRUE...

June 8, 2011 12:49am CST
Just the other day, I took a whole day off from opening up my computer. So what I did, I just watched a DVD movie called "LIMITLESS" starring Bradley Cooper and Robert deNiro. The movie was number 1 in the box office when it opened. The movie is about a naturally intelligent but down on his luck guy who came across a new drug that can enhance further and sharpen the brains short, it makes you super intelligent when taken. But like any other drugs, it has its side effects. It was implicated in the movie plot that if the protagonist stops taking the drug, he will die. Now sorry if I have to give out that small plot however, I was just amazed of how the movie was presented; it was unique in its storyline, the actors were good and simply a good movie... no wonder it went number 1. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend go and watch it...and if you did already... DO YOU THINK THAT SORT OF DRUG (THAT MAKES A PERSON SUPER INTELLIGENT) WOULD BE SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE IN THE FUTURE?? WOULD YOU TAKE SUCH DRUG IF IT'S AVAILABLE (LEGALLY OR ILLEGALLY) EVEN IF THE ONLY ADVERSE EFFECT IS THAT YOU WILL EVENTUALLY DIE IF YOU DECIDE TO STOP TAKING THE DRUG?? My answer?? .... YES, I would!
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@inertia4 (27688)
• United States
16 Jun 11
I remember seeing the coming attractions for this movie. I have not seen it yet but I know it looked good to me. I think Robert DeNiro is one of the greatest actors in the world. I like the way you explained the movie, the plot seems extremely interesting. I will make it a point to check my NetFlix to see if I can watch it on my Apple TV. Thanks for your review.