Did anyone of you or your friend have a real encounter with a ghost?

June 8, 2011 10:31pm CST
Paranormal stuff still interests me a lot. Many friends tell me ghost stories that their forefathers had experienced. I just wanted to know if anything like that ever happened to you or your family? And also tell how did you manage to get out of it.
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@dodo19 (29259)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
18 Jun 11
I believe that I've had experiences with the paranormal. I've had experiences that I just couldn't explain logically. It just seems as though it was paranormal. The first one was when I was 12, and I've had a couple different experiences happen since then.
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• Australia
26 Jun 11
What kind of experience dodo? I am very interested to hear what you couldn't explain logically if its that simple, you could express it on paper.. or screen.
@jaiho2009 (39034)
• Philippines
9 Jun 11
Welcome to mylot I have few experiences with paranormal. The last time i had is when i pose for a picture in an old house,i was sitting in a chair and when the photo was developed there are 5 people at my back. There is no way that is tampered because we used a digicam and not a camera with film. We check the photo in our pc and zoomed it to the max,and you can really see clearly those people,2 adults and 3 kids. There are other few instances,but i just ignored. Spirits are always around,just do not entertained,and they will not harm you. have a good day and enjoy mylotting
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• Australia
15 Jun 11
I dont think it was a bad experience but my dad believes that one of the houses i lived in when i was growing up was haunted. Things used to move slightly cupshanging on hooks would swing doors would slam, my dad told me he found a grave site out the back of the house with a tombstone that said duncan. But he was alright and not to worry about him. We didn't have to leave abruptly or anything like that. Also my son is only 5 and his father and a friend of the family passed away when he was 2 and a half sometimes when its dark and late at night, my son wakes up and starts laughing and playing as if there is someone there to play a game of tickle with he leans forward and backward with his eyes fixated on what looks like nothing to me, but i let him go incase it is his fathers spirit, who wants to play with his son... i wish he choose a more appropriate time, but its nice to think he may be watching over us still even while we sleep.
• Australia
26 Jun 11
Thanks for the best response! I was hoping maybe for a response... hehe