Do you have an experience of being a commercial model? ^^,)

@rhejans (191)
June 9, 2011 2:08am CST
Hey guys and Gulls. I want to share my experience of being a commercial model when i was a child. I have been doing it for almost 5 years. but now my parents decided me to stop doing this because it will affect my education. "Focus to you studies is more important" as what they told me. and I do. Now I'm focusing only to my studies and waiting to finish it. It was fun and enjoy. You earn money more than anyone. One commercial ranges to $1'500 shoot only for one to two days. I tell you if you have a gots then be a commercial model. I'm just waiting my turn.. ^^,) do you want to be a commercial model? what product you want to endorse? ^^,)
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@chum24 (569)
• Philippines
24 Jun 11
hi rhejans i haven't experience being commercial model and i think so it will be just a dream to become commercial model it seems difficult here in Philippines i think. well perhaps if i will pursue my dream when in times in commercial model i will endorse any kind of beauty products(hehe);) or pizza model...
@laniekins (4585)
• Philippines
9 Jun 11
I don't have an experience in it but I am dreaming to be one. For me, it is one of the most easiest way to earn big money and you will get a good exposure too. I don't think I am qualified to be a commercial endorser but if given a chance I would like to endorse fast food chain like KFC cause I really love KFC and shoes/bags too.