@mansha (6301)
June 9, 2011 2:38am CST
My grand gather suffered from it and he forgot all of us by end of years, it was sad as well as funny. once I met him at a function and I kept telling him my name in the hope he will remember me somehow and he got very annoyed with me. After I had asked him for the umpteenth time if he knew my name, he said yes and said my name. I was very happy and asked him how he knows(hoping he will say I remember now) he said instead You have been telling me that for past half an hour. He used to remember things from his past and not from today. I wonder if I will be like him when I grow old or may be not.Have you had someone suffer from Alzheimer ,how was the experience.
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@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
9 Jun 11
My lolo does not remember yesterday or even what happens in the morning any longer. It is in stage 5. He recognizes his family but at times he forgot his elder son who is in the states. He forgot most of his close friends. We don't assume him to remember anymore. You can just talk to him kindly about the present and what is going on around him, or play games with him. Touch him and chat with him to make him pleased. Don't make him feel guilty or embarrassed about what he does not remember. Just live in the present. If he thinks you are someone else, play along with it too and make him happy.
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