...enrollment woes.

June 9, 2011 12:08pm CST
I think every student has faced a struggle in trying to enroll themselves in their respective schools. Enrollments days are always not-so-good days because of the many factors like too many people, less staff, lines, tuition fess (as they rise again), not-so clear instructions. As a student myself, I have faced this grueling task of getting enrolled only to face up with problems. I have experienced misplaced documents, hunting down teachers for a single signature, clearance, money woes, transporattion, never ending lines among others. So what's your biggest enrollment problem as a student?
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• India
10 Jun 11
yes everyone has .. i suffered in getting my desired and aimed course at school .. had to walk in and out of the campus for almost a week even though i had the required grades for the subject i chose
• Philippines
10 Jun 11
...that's a shame. I experienced almost the same thing, going to offices and feeling like nothing has been accomplished. I get tired easily and I felt very stressed due to many procedures just to get things done. I hope that you will enjoy your subject after your enrollment.