What Am I Earning on MyLot?

United States
June 9, 2011 11:42pm CST
I'm new to the website and so far am loving the discussions and QandA. But I'm just wondering how much I'm earning per post. I've searched the website but I haven't found an answer. Also does it change depending on whether I'm responding or starting a new discussion? Please help!
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@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
10 Jun 11
Hi, there isn't a fixed rate but the more you contribute the more you earn. You don't earn if you start 3 discussions and get no answers and i think you actually earn if someone comments and than you reply to him. Also don't post too short answers, they should be a few lines and relevant. Also feel free to check my profile to see other sites that pay with proofs. If you have time and patience and would like to earn arount 25 cents per day yoin paid2youtube. Otherwise did you know that at mylot you can get one random reward per day of around 15 cents if you use mylot search bar in a normal way? That's just my tip to increase mylot earnings. Good luck
@yspmyl (3438)
• Malaysia
10 Jun 11
How much will I earn, how fast I can earn and how to earn are the very common question that people will want to know when they first join mylot. Well, I have been answered to these kind of question many time that I have lost count on it. Well, to earn in mylot, what you need to do is to participate, that mean you need to participate in the discussion that started by your friends, respond, start a new discussion and add an related image when ever you start or respond to discussion will boost your earning. Another best way to earn is using the mylot search and you will get some surprise rewards after some time, but do remember, you have to use it in a natural way and do not abuse it. You will be freeze to use it for a day if you do so. So, that's all the method that you can earn in mylot. One another last thing I would want to highlight here is that keep your posting in good quality which mean you have to be as descriptive as possible whenever you post a discussion or respond. Enjoy mylotting!
@allknowing (69298)
• India
10 Jun 11
Starting discussions is fine but it is only your comments on responses received will be considered. You can also respond to other topics and counter comment. The more active you are the more you will earn.You can go to any other topics where you may not have responded but you can comment on responses of other users. This is not a place where you think you can get earnings equivalent to if you had a 9 to 5 job for example.Do go through the guidelines and faqs for a better understanding of this site.
@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
10 Jun 11
Hello Sbynes and welcome to myLot, Nobody can tell you how mych you will earn per post because the myLot earnings algorithm is known oly by myLot's mathematicians. All you can hear that myLot pays x cents per post and so on are only suppositions. This answer could have been found in the discussion guidelines, in the list of DON'Ts. http://www.mylot.com/o/guidelines.aspx You only have to be active here and you'll se your earnings increasing. We're paid for our activity here, that's for sure. Don't expect to be paid for the responses you get into a discussion you started, because you're going to be paid for what your contribution, not for others'.