gap in passing the tradition!!!!!

June 10, 2011 12:47am CST
There is a lot of gaps between the different generations of people that the true qualities of tradition that was actually supposed to have been passed on from one generation to another is facing problems !!!!! either the kids n teenagers of these centuries find it too odd or orthodoxy to be following the age old mythological tradition or custom or they just dont have the time for actually looking up to what their ancestors had been doing with regards to all the deeds they end up doing in their own terms in the present generations!! though these kind of having different approach to the age old practice does have advantages to it in letting us invent good and advanced mechanized use of theses practices at one point they also have disastorous disadvantages in eradication the practices practicsed by our ancestors and thereby eradicting the existence of such tradition or practices which could cost us elimination of any particular cult or tradition as a whole !! so kindly speak out your opinions as to do we have to follow our traditions even in this modern scenario or is their any other way where one can actually preserve these traditions of a cult with the minimum time the present generation has ?????? have a good day !!!!
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