Betrayal and Petty Nonsense!

United States
June 11, 2011 1:27am CST
I'm a senior in high school, about to graduate in 12 days. I've always had a lot of trouble in school with socializing and being comfortable with myself, so I've never really had friends until my junior year in art class. I made this friend, her name will be Stephanie here. She had just moved to our school the year before, because her mom was unfit to be a parent and she was now living with her aunt and uncle. She kind of connected with me because I'm just different I guess, and I'm not afraid to be a little vulgar and out there, but I'm also very caring and would always look out for her. But for the longest time, she's always kind of had a sort of jealousy towards me, because I'm better at art, and she thinks that I'm more attractive than she is (she's admitted these things before). But I never feel that I should hold myself back to make anyone else feel better about themselves! She has a controlling sort of way, she seems to like reprimanding people, kind of punishing people if they say something or do something that she doesn't personally approve of. So, most of the time, she'd be nice to me, and I'd make her laugh, but every once in a while, some b*tchiness would come out. I would just kind of avoid saying or doing anything that bothered her, because it was always easier that way. But I was always there for her. If she was on her period, I'd bring her almonds the next day and say "hey, you need some iron." And when her boyfriend moved to Arkansas, (she was going to move to be with him after graduation) but he broke up with her, I was always there when she just would go on about him constantly. I was happy to comfort her in any way I could. It is kind of sad, because she sort of .. begs for him to come back. Now, we only have about 12 days left until we graduate. She's been so very cold towards me for over a week now, but just normal enough that if I were to call her out on it, she'd deny it. But I haven't. I don't know if she's just mad at me, or annoyed at me for something, but I feel degraded, and disrespected. Tonight was prom, and I spent the whole night with my date. When we first walked in, she came up to us, but she just hugged my date and walked right by me. She's just acting weird, and I don't deserve it. I don't care if she thinks it's okay to do that because I'm a "loser" because I don't really have many other friends in school. That part isn't my fault, I'm not terribly socially incompetent, I've just had a lot of anxiety surrounding social situations that made going to school really lonely and scary. I'm so proud of myself because I've been overcoming these social anxieties, but I'm still not "cool" but godd*mn, aren't we way too old to alienate people based on that? I really thought she was better than that.
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@shrike (123)
• Philippines
21 Jun 11
based from your statement, she was not able to get some good example from her mother that's why she has some bad behavior, to be taken care by a mom is different from other people's care. though she never became true to your friendship i guess she really needs a person to understand her. to guide her. needs someone to open her mind and analyze that what she's doing was not right. now, if she does not change knowing you know u did your best to help her, then maybe it's the time to let her do what she wants, besides experience is the best teacher. i don't say you keep her as a friend, i'm sure time will come she will surely analyze how sorry she is for not being a true friend to you because imagine you gave your best you could do. and besides there's no regret being alone if you really can carry yourself alone.
• Jacksonville, Florida
18 Jun 11
High school was awful for me! I was the "loser" in my school. I was shy and I didn't have many friends at all. I only talk to one person from High School that was my only friend. You know what though? No one in school thought I would ever find get married or have kids or amount to anything... Well, I am married, I have 3 children and I own my own business! I think I have done quite well and I cannot wait for my High School Reunion just so they can see that they were wrong and even "losers" can become something great outside of the school world. Don't let her get you down. Your better than letting that bother you. I promise things get better once your out of that He**
@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
15 Jun 11
She is not a friend. She would not treat you the way she is if she were a true friend. She is just using you for some purpose of her own. I never had any friends at school, I just had aquaintances. Actually I only had one or two friends my whole life. You can live with this if you have to. Or you can work hard at making friends. It is your choice. I made the choice not to work at it. Relationships are a lot of work. I worked harder at other things I guess. I went into the military. I did my hitch and then I went into construction, and later I went into boat repair. I sailed all over the Carribean. I did have a family, two daughters. Life does go on. You will grow up and have a good life without this person.