Relocating/on-line relationships

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June 11, 2011 9:42am CST
I posted this in the wrong place earlier thinking I was posting a pic with my discussion but realized I posted it under a pic. I don't know what i did I will try this again. Well anyway i have been scoping out OK Cupid (ty Dawnwald :)) I find it to be very interesting. I told myself I was not going to scout out anymore dating sites since people tend to lie on them and now I have a daughter to worry about, but Ok cupid seems interesting more so than POF. I have been talking to a guy almost 1000 miles away from me. He seems to be a very nice guy and claims to be a Christian man which I believe he is sincere about. I told myself I want to meet someone locally since i have no intentions on relocating for man again. Why do guys always expect the woman to come to them where they are at instead of going to the woman? He has a 3 yr old son and I have a 3 yr old daughter it's funny their only 3 days apart. I just bought a mobile home and set where I'm at. He has no job at the time, sold his home and living with his mother. It's too soon to think about either of us relocating but he keeps bringing up me moving there.
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@JenInTN (27565)
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26 Nov 11
I think that anytime there is relocation involved that one should be careful. I think the times are very different now and there is more and more people finding love with people they would have never met without the computer. I am not opposed to the idea but I do think that it can be tricky sometimes. I am anxious to hear how this has worked out for you...this discussion is 6 months old. Take care and update us!