Ayla's Destiny

@waflay (2726)
Nairobi, Kenya
June 11, 2011 3:35pm CST
One amazing piece of art in writen literature that inspire and broaden the understanding of the reader, drawing a virtual world as one find his or herself in the life of the main character Ayla in the Novel by Jean M. Auel. Well, I'm talking about'The Clan Of The Cave Bear'. Here, the Novelist left me suspence trying to figure out what happened: (A) To the clan under foolish leadership after the Earthqueke. (B) To Ayla after she was declared dead by the Clan. What she did and how she managed to live in new-age era. (c) How she felt to see faces she termed 'ugly', people who look like her. We have so many things to learn from this adventurous story. As for me I read this Novel over and over again in order to find an alluded message that can be applicable in our day to day civilized life. Let me know what you like about this Novel.
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@MBBerry (24)
• United States
12 Jun 11
I have actually read 4 or 5 books of the series and found them quite fascinating. The last book I read was not as good as the others though. I did find this a good novel to learn about how both nature and nurture plays a role in who we are.
@waflay (2726)
• Nairobi, Kenya
12 Jun 11
Wow! Thanks to mention there is a series of this great novel. I didn't know they exist..., you have just given me a task to search for the rest. I will appreciate even more if you provide me with a link to download an Ebook of any in the series.