is sims medevial any good?

@oscar6 (1939)
United States
June 11, 2011 11:39pm CST
I have been thinking about getting this game but I dont know if I want to spend 40 dollars on something that isnt a expansion pack for the regular sims 3 game. I was just wondering if anyone had this game and whether it was worth buying or not? Can you guys tell me a little about this game?
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• Thailand
13 Sep 11
Just so you know, the sims medieval and The Sims 3 is not related as in the game itself. So this might not be appropriate place to post this time. Anyway, I do play both The Sims 3 and The Sims medieval, and I enjoy both game!!! The Sims medieval is a game where they combine the sims system with RPG-base systems. So basically, u know how RPG games works, right? If not, they basically a game where people walk around the map, and do tasks or quest, and level up. In the sims medieval, along with those things, you have to maintain sim's mood too. You have to create a hero character, and play as him/her. The character are used in completing quest, and you can expand your kingdom base on your completiton of quest. This might gives you ability to create more Hero character!! Since you own multiple character in your kingdom, you can "choose" which character you wish to play to complete a particular quest. I'm not a good writer, but I tried. It's a good game for something new. If you still think it's not worth it to play this game, and wish to buy the sims 3 expansion pack instead, that's find as well!
@Tiherina (83)
• United States
20 Jun 11
I heard it was really good. I don't think it's an expansion pack, because I don't think it's a continuation of the 3rd game. It looks like it's its own game entirely, considering it takes place in a different time. I would love to get it once I get a computer able to handle it. If Sims Medieval came out for the 360 I would die happy.