Multi-tasking Tips?

@qnzmae (43)
June 12, 2011 12:34am CST
Multi-tasking is my peg. I love the feeling of being busy that it gives me. One essential factor at multi-tasking to make you succeed in such endeavor is effective time management skills. What else do you think could help one succeed in multi-tasking?
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@Shazooo (296)
• Malaysia
19 Jun 12
Mix big task with small task. I know this can be confusing, but let me explain. Multi-tasking many big difficult task can lead to unproductive outcome or horrible results. So in order to have satisfactory outcome and results, AND still be able to multitask, mix big difficult task with some small easy task. That way, your concentration will mostly be focused on the larger task. The smaller easier task will still have a good outcome as it does not need as must focus and time.
@r0yrul3z (14)
• Mexico
16 Jun 11
Practice, obviously! We got a wonderful organ called brain where you can train it to become more awesome. You multitask every day without noticing (like chatting and thinking to yourself or picking up stuff on your desktop) but if you want to improve at it start doing more difficult stuff like writing a Word document and planning your next day. With time you will get better at it (such as it becoming a routine) and you will probably have more capacity to "multitask". Start small so your brain can handle the "multitask" and not big where you will probably have more trouble and make more mistakes, heh.