Help Me With a Better Laptop Other Than Apple For My Sister?

June 12, 2011 6:01am CST
I cant afford an Apple now and can anyone help me with a laptop as good as Apple? Or can recommend a laptop other than apple?
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@greenline (14865)
• Canada
4 Jul 11
There are many good brands of course. I have been using a Toshiba Satellite lap top for some years now. It has been working very well. I carry it along whenever I travel on my business trips, very light, convenient to carry. Not very expensive either. You might want to consider buying a Toshiba.
@genius277 (535)
• Indonesia
13 Jun 11
why most people think that Apple is the Best Brand in the world. Even if i agree with them but everyone have their own needs, right?. So everyone should buy what they need to buy. Let's say you're a student who don't have a lot of work about graphics, designs and those kind of things. But you want to buy an Apple Laptop, what is the purpose of buying those useless things (for you) while you can get it cheaper and you still can do your daily job...
• India
12 Jun 11
try sony's ,samsuung HCL etc. which has many special features.
@dxn001 (25)
• India
12 Jun 11
Any basic windows running laptop would do fine for her. DELL, SONY VIAO and ACER make good laptops in terms of build and customer support. Recommended specs would include: WINDOWS 7 HOME BASIC, 2GB RAM, 320GB hard disk, 15 inch LED display(LED's use lesser power compared to standard LCD's) Regards :)
@murkie (1105)
• Philippines
12 Jun 11
try the asian brands, such as acer. basically, all laptops have the same performance and dependability. it all depends on the specs and the price. what's important is that you have the minimum specs. i.e. 2.1g processor, 500g hdd, 2.0 ram, etc. at least that would be for normal use, with respect to price. i'm no techie, so my knowledge is limited. but i know it works. welcome to mylot.