Do you fake your tuition fee?

June 12, 2011 9:29am CST
I have observed several friends of mine who had been away from there family for the reason of studying in a good universities. They had cool apartments and pads with monthly allowances. But what I don't understand is that why do they have to lie to there parents or guardians who had been paying for there tuition fees. Was they taking advantages since they are far and they couldn't be able to know it or they just insanely good in lying. How can they survive? No conscience either? What about those parents who has been working 24/7 just to send there children in prestigious universities. Poor people what a shame. How about you are you one of them? Please share your thoughts.
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@iklananda (1204)
13 Jun 11
No for sure, because faking our tuition fee will get a bad influence for us. For example we will get our self in trouble if the uni find out
• Philippines
13 Jun 11
That's right!
@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
24 Aug 11
I never asked for more from my parents when I was still studying. In fact, as much as possible, I save my allowance so I can pay for small amounts of miscellaneous fees at school. I have classmates before that do this, they don't have conscience and they do it to pay for the things they wanted to buy. Yes, wanted and not needed. I feel sorry for their parents. But I can't say that they are doing wrong because I don't want to interfere with their lives. Let them realize their mistakes, they will feel the burden their parents are feeling when they reach the age where they too will have to send their kids at school.
@stary1 (6622)
• United States
13 Jun 11
That's really sad to hear. I hope there aren't too many like that. Parents want what is best for their children and it's really too bad when kids do not appreciate their parents sacrifices
@louievill (20365)
• Philippines
12 Jun 11
I have had classmates like those when I was studying in the University, they are mostly "provincianos" or those who came from very far provinces and were sent to Manila by their parents to study and get good education. It's a real pity, not only do they cheat their own parents regarding tuition fees, they also cut classes and sometimes don't go to school at all, they join fraternities and spend most of their time drinking and smoking. I wonder how this people could become honest citizens when they can't even be honest to their hard working parents?