What makes the iphone 3gs freeze constantly

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June 12, 2011 3:53pm CST
I have had an iphone 3gs for almost a year now and just recently it has been freezing a lot. I have power cycled the phone several dozens of times. My husband mention to me today, it make be the hundreds of emails i have coming in weekly and my iphone may be running low on memory. Is this true? If not how do I go about fixing the problem.
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12 Jun 11
Hi there and welcome to myLot! That could be a reason as I have a blackberry and whoa sometimes I have tons and it can run a bit slow, though mine has not frozen. I do know someone with the IPhone 3 G and he had a lot of freezing going on, his issue finally was that he had downloaded some apps that were conflicting with some of the functions so it would freeze. He had to remove one at a time, until he can figure out what was wrong. Then he re-downloaded the ones that were okay. The only other suggestion I can think of is perhaps your software, you get your updates frequently as they come out? Only reason why I say is that on my blackberry I did from time to time have issues and when I took it back to the store the first thing they would say is that I did not have the latest software. It was then I started to update mine routinely trough the desktop RIM. These are all suggestions and not sure if they can resolve your issue without technical support from your carrier.
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13 Jun 11
Hi! Thanks for responding back. I have tons of apps on my phone and had not thought that could be the issue. Since I last posted my question I have reset my phone and removed email off of it. It seems to be doing a whole lot better. There is still some freezing, but not nearly as much as before. My camera even started working better. I am going to take your advice and try to update the software, I thought about that, but was not sure how to do that. So I will probably end up calling at&t. Thanks again!!!!