Healthy life is worthless for poor people?

June 13, 2011 3:11am CST
Healthy life means healthy food, clean water, healthy houses, healthy habits and healthy..... Can you imagine a life with no clean water? You must buy it if you want it? It means you must have money to get it? To have money means you must earn some money. You do? But your money is not enough for buying this extra facility. How then? Can you imagine a life without healthy foods? It means you must buy fruits, vegetables, milk, and other food stuffs if you want to be healthy. But for a family with lower income, nothing can they do except eating what they can eat today. There are so many people with such condition. So, healthy life is very expensive thing to be reached. I leave it up to you to comment it.
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@r0yrul3z (14)
• Mexico
16 Jun 11
Healthy doesn't always means expensive. What I mean is, if you really want a healthy lifestile you will have to invest some time looking for good (and cheap) food on the markets. Notice how I said markets, where you will have to go looking trough a series of places finding the best offers. Also, you will have to invest some time preparing the meals, which require a little planing beforehand. But at the end it will be worth it, and it will stop being a hassle and more like a nice routine to a healthy path.