A challenge on new immigration law

United States
June 13, 2011 9:21pm CST
I had posted several discussions on the new immigration law that will - soon - to - be enacted in two states, first will be in Georgia, second will be in Alabama. I and all other members would agree on requiring the business owners to verify their employees legal identification before hire them. On another statement, I would have some doubt and dilemma on it. The law require people not to transport or help commute illegal immigrants. What if a person was hurt on the road; or he / she needs to go to hospital immediately at the moment, and the police can not arrive. What would you do? Would you simply drive away, or watch them bleeding to die? I mean, as a normal person with rationality, would you simply not do anything, because they are illegal immigrants?
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@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
24 Jun 11
I was in Santa Marta in Colombia and I fainted. I was laying in pain on the ground and some local people helped me. They didn't know if I was a tourist or an illegal immigrant. If someone is hurt I would also help him or her. If a person has been involved in a crash and is bleeding he or she needs to go to the hospital.
• Philippines
14 Jun 11
In cases like what you stated there should be some workarounds like a pass or a ticket in case the person needs some medical assistance. They should revise the law if it doesn't include any because what you stated is possible to happen, or might have already happened before.