Is it Okay to Hit Dogs?

United States
November 19, 2006 8:52pm CST
Some owners treat puppies and new dogs poorly during the potty training and retraining period and then wonder later why they don’t have a good relationship with their dogs. There is a lot of advice online about how to potty train a dog, some good, some inhumane. A new dog owner may not know the difference. With that in mind, what are your tips for humanely potty training a dog?
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• Philippines
20 Nov 06
It's like asking "IS IT OKAY TO HIT CHILDREN?" What do you think? There are ways to train a dog..its like training a child. How about rewarding them if they do what you ask them to do? Psychologically speaking, that works. It takes patience.
@LadyCroft (704)
• Australia
20 Nov 06
Never Never Never Training a dog to potty train is like teaching your child. Patience, thats all you need Patience and a firm voice. YOu will earn a dogs respect and not just have him scared of you