What a day! :(

United States
June 14, 2011 1:07am CST
I woke up at 6 am with the normal ears pounding dizzy gonna get sick feeling I have had for almost two months now then I came back in and laid down till ten. At eleven we were supposed to try for emergency OWF then I went to get my son his medicine and realized that there was no hum coming from our refrigerator and it was dark. I put my ear close and heard nothing then put my hands on the coils and they were cold. Our refrigerator died sometime last night. We got to talking and realized it must have been when we had a very bright lightning light up around our mobile home and then thunder rumbled so bad it shook the house. It felt like an earthquake and the refrigerator started to hum then loud. We called our renters insurance and they will cover our refrigerator but we have to pay someone to come out and look at it and tell them it is dead. So we realized OWF was not happening today because our son's stomach was still bothering him and now we have the fridge dilemma. Luckily grandma took our son today and we went to the store and priced refrigerators which I normally wouldn't have money for, but a student loan reimbursement came through. We talked Lowes into getting it delivered tomorrow which is going to be another crazy day. I planned on getting my bloodwork done for my MRI today but then all this happened which means I have to be at the hospital at eight am to have it done then my IV contrast for the MRI is scheduled at 10:30. After getting the lab work done, I need to go to the church and register my son for a day camp for kids with developmental delays then back to the hospital. The MRI is scheduled at 11 am. Meanwhile my husband will have to come back here because the repair man is coming to look at the fridge hopefully before the new fridge gets here then hubby will have will have to pick us both up from separate places. I start a new class tomorrow and finished my final right at midnight tonight in a panic just to find out the school is on Pacific time so I had two more hours. We managed to get all our food from the fridge into coolers and will just have to get a little bit of food out of the freezer. No time for cooking so we ate out tonight. I am so glad today is over. Tomorrow we will have to submit the forms for our claim.
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• United States
14 Jun 11
Seems like you had quite an eventful day to say the least. I am however glad that all worked out and you immediately took on the necessary means to be proactive. Had you not immediately initiated the coolers, you could have had a total loss with the food. Hope the new refrigerator was not too expensive and that today, since this was posted yesterday, is a much smoother day for you.
• Philippines
14 Jun 11
Interesting day you had there. Some bad days I've had were just as weird. There were times when I just can't shake off the feeling of being in Twilight Zone. Even the tune plays in my head. Days like these, where series of weird experiences happening, just puts you off to a different place; somewhere you get weirded out but you like it a bit because it's something out of the ordinary.