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@LoriAn (120)
United States
June 15, 2011 4:57pm CST
I am under so much stress these days as i have a step daughter and she does not want to grow up i want to say she is twenty two or maybe even twenty three.When it comes to responsible she is not having it she already has one daughter and i feel she is prego again just a guess though and the thing is everything is in my name and she helps me with nothing oh yes i failed to mention she her husband and child are living here with me we all share a fam plan on the phone the cell phone that is and well 2 months ago she went to mexico and left her phone roaming do know my bill rang up to be 1,170 no joke when it is usually 200 something or another.There is more but what i need help with some advice on what i can do as she is not my daughter and my so called hubby lets her run him over and down.No Joke!
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
2 Aug 11
hi, growing up is the things we need to having an improvement in our life,it will be the the things to be mold our attitude and even the flow of our life style.without this we cant improve our self esteem and develop those attitude from bad to good.because once you have said that you grow up meaning you improve well.
@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
15 Jun 11
Wow Lori if your husband does not see what HIS daughter is doing after a 1,100.00 phone bill, all I can say is BLESS YOUR HEART. I too have lived a stressful life with my husband's children. One being 39 has a wife and 5 children but Dad says he is doing good because he is working OTR and got him a girlfriend by his side. Does not pay child support. In fact she left the original state of Kentucky, moved with a man to Arkansas, left him moved to Mobile,Alabama, and now back to Kentucky with her momma again. Did I mention 3 of the 5 children are school age? And she moved them all within 2 months. I genuinely think something was wrong with our prenatal vitamins. I got a couple of grown up children that don't act grown up at all either. The list goes on and on... Feel the urge, make me a friend and we can message each other. Huggs and I genuinely do feel for you hon.