true beauty

United States
June 15, 2011 8:15pm CST
To actually breath in this air and realize all that this beautiful earth has to offer is amazing. The wonderful trees that you waste paper out of also contribute to air and homes for animals and creatures that nest in their busom. The flowers not only give us pretty smells and sights for us but also give food and nutrients to other plants and bugs. The earth around us is not just an object that we can use up and waste. We need to respect the goddess of this land and the goddess in return will respect us. She will give us air to breath, water to drink and places to live as long as we remember that everything we use in some part comes from this land. If we continue to disrespect this wonderful planet it will disrespect us till there is nothing left
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• Philippines
16 Jun 11
Very well said. I've been trying my best to not contribute in pollution. I really believe that one person can make a difference. I also encourage my friends to do the best they can to help conserve energy, water and to recycle. If only all of us would do their part and help lessen these things that are slowly killing mother nature, ou future kids would be able to enjoy a healthy life in the future.