Who here thinks James McAvoy is just so perfect?

June 16, 2011 12:34am CST
James McAvoy. This guy is the most charming guy ever. I've liked him since The Last King of Scotland but X-Men First Class changed everything. He's the perfect actor and the perfect guy. His accent. His eyes. The charm. Fangirls everywhere. Seriously.
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16 Jun 11
I must admit I do like James and I went through a month long phase of watching only his movies. I wouldn't say he's perfect but that's just my own opinion.. he is as you said very charming and he is incredibly attractive on top of that. Also a brilliant actor!
• Philippines
16 Jun 11
Yes he is a brilliant actor! I might do the same--watch his movie I have not yet seen. :) No worries about the perfect guy. I guess, he just is what I think as a perfect guy. Haha! Love his accent too! :) Been watching his interviews lately. :) Very very charming.