European U21 - England draw yet again

@sjlskl (3384)
June 16, 2011 1:47am CST
After a lucky point in their opening match against Spain, England was held to a draw again by Ukraine. They now need to win their last match against Czech in order to qualify for the next round. Like their senior counterparts during last year's world cup, England struggled to win in a tournement proper. Similarly, they were regarded as one of the favorites. What is wrong with the English team? They always falter on the big stage, senior or otherwise. While the BPL is touted as the most competitive league in the world, the same cant be said of the national team. The excuse of not having enough english players turning out for the clubs no longer hold water. In your opinion, what went wrong?
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@Bryanx54 (644)
19 Jun 11
The problem with the team is that they are lazy most of the time, they really need to practice possession play because they was starved of it in the Spanish game and we was starved in the Ukraine game marginally, they need to improve and beat the Czech otherwise they are out.
@polaris77 (2030)
• Bacau, Romania
17 Jun 11
It's hard for me to understand what's wrong with this English team because they certainly have quality players who proved their skills in Premier League,and yet they were unconvincing against Ukraine;they don't have the excuse of being tired after a long season because the Spaniards are in the same situation and they played very well against the Czechs which England has to beat,and I hope they will,because a semifinal involving England will bring more audience to this competition.
• Indonesia
17 Jun 11
Yes, indeed. Actually, England is only my second favourite national teams. I support them since most of ManUtd players are there. And I see many other good players from other clubs, too. But somehow, their reputation is not as good as their skills. Some said that each of them has a big ego, so they found difficulties to play as a team. But I don't know whether it's true or not. It's a pity for not seeing them win any trophies in these couple of years...
@gamma9967 (607)
• India
16 Jun 11
Even i don't understand what is the reason behind England's poor performance and i think the team has a lot of good players but they are not playing like a team and therefore there is not enough teamwork and that is why England is struggling.