I know that's my fault!!

June 16, 2011 4:26am CST
What a bad day today!!It seems like I'm the most mess girl in the world.It was started when I'd like follow the ceremony and I came late.So some of friend, about three people have made a line so I try to walk and made a line beside them.When I tried to go for it, I don't realize there are stand fun beside of my friend that stand in the edge.I tied the fan cable and unfortunately the stand fan is fallen and two of my friend got injured.I feel guilty and feel like so much worse.I try to explain them that I don't mind to do that or hurt one of them but they keep blame me.Then I stop to speak and try to calm my self, I avoid them, but they got me wrong because they thought I didn't regret.Oh gosh...I can't speak a lot but I wish they understand that I feel guilty...very guilty and deep regret.I'm so sorry about that.Once again I don't mean to hurt somebody else...How can I show them that I regret even I have no words to say???Please help me over this feeling!!I can't sleep tonight remembering what just happen and remember their anger expression to me.
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@shibham (17025)
• India
16 Jun 11
I know your problem as i also suffered from same. Firstly self regret is the best to condone yourself. Next to it, if they did not understand reading your gestures or attitude, then its hard to convince them and they are worth friendly. So, ask for a mediator and tell that person details and thus you will come out from your frustration. All the best.
• Indonesia
18 Jun 11
Thanks for advice shibham, I had tell him that I was regretful for that accident, but I can see that she can't forgive me and hate me.Now I let her to forgive me by the time...may be she's not in mood right now.