how can apply for a job?

June 16, 2011 4:57am CST
i am seeking for a job, i want earn money but i don't have a job, and no can hire me for a job, i am still looking for a job in my place for a sales lady, or other job. but no one accept and hire. in their qualification it should be must have experience. i dont have any experience except here in home, cleaning, cooking, gardening, caring my youngest brother since born till he grow up and also i can sell some of our business, i am a hard working than the other have experience. but they need/want have experience not like that. how can apply? they said that okay i will call you or text you. then ofcourse we wait for a contact from them. but no one contact me. how can a apply a job, to hire easily??
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
1 May 13
that was my first wish or to do when i was freshly graduated in college,i want to have work so that i can have money and survive in my daily needs,and having a four year course or graduated in degree is a really helpful to me to find job.
@Porcospino (18773)
• Denmark
20 Jun 11
We sometimes have the same problem here. Many employers are looking for a person with experience, but how can you get experience if no one wants to hire you. In my country if you keep on looking for a long time it is sometimes possible to find a job where you don't need experience, but they are not easy to find. Sometimes I ended up finding a job pretty far from my home, because that was the only job I could get. If you have already contacted the companies close to your home, maybe you could try the companies in a nearby city (if it would be possible for you to commute to that place) Or maybe you could try to find a job in a different field. It might not be your dreamjob, but it could be a start. Good luck, I hope you'll manage to find a job
• Canada
16 Jun 11
Well if they want experience, you have to get experience. Get a different job related to that field so you have something good to put on your resume. Make sure your resume looks attractive and try to include things on it that relate to that particular job only. You have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.