I need some simple but good ideas on how to save money

June 16, 2011 9:06am CST
I am always stress on how to save money since I am not working only my husband and I have kids in school. I need ideas on how to do simple ways of saving money so that I have something to use for emergency. I always end up borrowing from friends when I come short with my budget. O. hope someone could give me ideas here.
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@Bebs08 (10689)
• United States
17 Jun 11
Well, I am not also good in saving money but I learned some ideas from people. Most of them have a list of what they are going to pay for the month like water, electricity, rent, food, gas expense and then they put miscellaneous. The left over will be for savings. Then they avoid going out unless it is very necessary. They just stayed home most often so that they will not be tempted to spend their money. If some seller come to their house to sell something, they are firm to say no because they have no budget for that even if they love to have the item. It is just a matter of self control that could help also in putting up savings.
• Canada
16 Jun 11
Well you have to get to know what your good at.. And saving money in my bank account is definitely not what I'm good at, since when times get rough, I grab my debit card and buy things. So what I did was get some sort of piggy bank, yes a piggy bank (one that you can't open) and whenever I have change I force myself to put it in there. For me it's better to save change because I know I'm not going to go to the store and make a huge purchase with nickels and pennies and such. I would have to roll it. It is inconvenient but that's what keeps me saving it.
@menace730 (506)
• Philippines
16 Jun 11
Hi celestial...Whenever I get change from a purchase I put half the coin change in a jar. You will be surprised on how fast it grows. My wife and I took a vacation and it paid for about 80% of our trip. Granted it was a savings over a two year period but when we put in the jar everyday we did not miss it. Another thing we tried was getting a loan at the smallest interest rate that you can, and loan out that money at higher interest rate. The trick here obviously is to borrow the money at a low interest rate. Even 1% over the borrowed interest rate makes you money. Or use the borrowed money to buy goods wholesale and sell at the going street price. That's what all the little stores do and you can do it by word of mouth sell to friends,family and co-workers at a rate lower than they are currently buying at. Hope some of this helps...