When did you gain you absolute independence?

@ellebj (784)
June 16, 2011 9:33pm CST
In life we often seek of having absolute independence. The freedom to live freely. When you have a freedom to go whenever you want to without asking your parents. When you can work anywhere and live apart from your parents and most of all, when you can decide things on your own and not your parents decide for you. I thought graduating from college can make me earn my independence. Where I could work wherever I want to choose what career path I take. However, what i am experiencing now is the opposite of what I expected. Graduating is now like, they have to choose which office you will enter. You have to stay in your house. You cannot meet your boyfriend. You cannot go to find work anywhere but wait until your place have a work opportunity for you. This things makes me unhappy and feel like I am imprisoned. I think graduating is that you can already have a boyfriend. But i guess I am wrong. Now that and graduated, they think now that i have a boyfriend i would marry by next year of this year. This is so depressing. They keep on judging their own child and don't even trust her. It hurts much. Because they don't even ask my opinion or what is my priority as of this moment.
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• Philippines
14 Aug 11
i do think this return back to you the way u show to others is the way they will treat u ur parents seems not convince that you stand on your own and do personal decisions well u better stand up fast and soon to show u can do what an individual can do better prove yourself that you can now stand on your own up until u stil ask money for allowance to your parents wyl still not on job ur still chain to them so wyl ur still under their shelter hear wat they say and digest flush what is not good and wat remains is added to what you dont want u go and decide for your life