Diablo 3 PC Game

@mabzki (90)
June 17, 2011 2:00am CST
Most of RPG fans are waiting for the release of Diablo 3 that have been delayed for quite sometime now. I'm also one of them, I'm eager to play it. In my opinion it will be the game of the year when it's released. For now Diablo 3's state is TBA. I really love the new fighting system and those additional classes. Namely, Monk and Shaman. Blizzard made a good move on integrating a fast-paced action with the standard point and click Diablo style RPG. Any myLot-ters who awaits this wonderful game?
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• India
24 Jun 11
i wasnt really a fan of diablo when it was hyped but later i played the game and it was quite good , i must say with all the new technology, ill be waiting for the game, hope it delivers in the animation sector , the gameplay is quite good anyway
@mabzki (90)
• Philippines
26 Jun 11
They implicate a fast-paced action style that is never before seen in its predecessor. I've watch the demo over and over the animation rocks but I think they're gonna improve it much more as a result of the long production which until now is TBA.
@DeX0303 (50)
• Colombia
15 May 12
is OUT NOW, go get it then, and tell me, i played the beta and seemed pretty good, my 1 and half year old pc could hold it so i'm guessing is pretty optimized, in any case i don't think i can buy it so, u tell me how it goes
@m4ndr4ke (219)
• Philippines
11 Sep 11
I am a Diablo fan since I played the first game. I am patiently waiting for its release. I have seen the previews of the gameplay and the cinematics and I think this game will be another hit from Blizzard. I think the only concern that i will have of this game is that Blizzard is planning that all the characters you created will be saved on the battle.net servers, which means you are required to log-in on battle.net to play your characters. In Diablo 1 and 2 you were allowed to create a single player character that is stored locally in your PC.
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
Yeah, I know this game. I think I even read in an article that they're making a movie for this game, I'm not sure. This is a nice game in my opinion. They've mixed horror with action and suspense. I'd play this game again if I had the time.