did you hear it too?

@0310mg (73)
June 17, 2011 5:44am CST
i'm hearing this a long time ago. Did they call it "voice of God?", but I can't answer..i'm afraid..that would mean leaving my loved ones behind. I think God is mad at me now because last night i've read a bible passage in Samuel that says; "Is the Lord happy with your sacrifices and gifts than obeying His will?"..what does that mean?im having hard time here.help me
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• United States
17 Jun 11
I interpret it as, Do you appease God with the sacrifices that you make for him and the Gifts you give in his name, instead of doing what he tells you to do. But doing this is sometimes hard because of the struggles that we face, but we still should try to make time for god, even if it is just praying to him and asking forgiveness.
@0310mg (73)
• Philippines
21 Jun 11
i do give time for God, it's just that, im not at peace..not satisfied either.