What would you mostly do when you felt down?

June 17, 2011 6:48am CST
I think it depends on what makes you unhappy. At most time I either eat a lot or rush into the shop for clothes. Although both my stomach and pocket hurt, the pleasure did come quickly. Well, just for a short period. In order to reduce the side-effect, I would choose something healthy to eat like corn or fruits. Wonder what would you do in that case.
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• Nepal
17 Jun 11
I usually go for a long walk. Feels like to be alone for sometime. Music cheers me up and often go for meeting my girlfriend. She is the one with whom i forget everything.
@lzink14 (54)
• United States
17 Jun 11
When i feel down i normally go for a nice long walk or i have two amazing children so having some fun with them ALWAYS cheers me up. Or the normal thing to do is eat alot but of course its not healthy but it sure does make all the problems go away..lol. But in all reality its really nice if you have a strong support system so you can have people to talk to, becuase the worse thing in the world is having to deal with problems on your own.