i have lost my data

June 17, 2011 12:31pm CST
before some day my desktop having some problem and it suddenly hanged ,,,it was then formated but my data has been lost,,is there any way to recollect the lost data.
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• India
17 Jun 11
ya you get data back but some good software get this for you like getdataback is the best software in this type and recoverymyfiles also help you if you have any problem recover this data u ask again i will tell you what you do in process dont install this software in recovery drives like c drives dont hang its all windows
• Australia
9 Nov 13
Just try and use this tool to recover your all lost data as fast as possible....
Windows data recovery software is a self explanatory Windows recovery tool to recover Windows files as well as recover Windows hard drive data from FAT and NTFS file systems.
• India
17 Jun 11
First of all don't write anything on that disk partition. If you write any other file on that disk partition then then the incoming file will overwrite the sectors & clusters of your previous files. Then after you need to download a recovery software to regain all your lost data. Don't download & install that software from which u need your lost data. Well known data recovery softwares are Recuva & Test disk. When you recovering your lost data don't directly save it on the same partition rather save your data in another partition then after cut-paste that recovered data in your disk. Amount of lost data recovery totally depends upon your healthiness of your partition that you want to recover. If in anyway you wiped the free data space or over write any kind of data on the same partition then it directly proportionate with the healthiness of your data. At-last make your partition safe to recover all your data completely.
• India
17 Jun 11
And yes Recuva & Test disk are freeware & open source softwares & they are free to use... Wish you a happy recovery.. :D
@jack9825 (60)
• India
20 Jun 11
you can try Hiren's Bootdisk.. I always use that to recover data.. it can also bring back lost partition. I think that tool you can use and restore whole of your Data. I have done it for a friend , who re partition his HDD. Ask me if you need any help for Hiren's bootdisk. I am quite sure, it will solve your problem..
@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
19 Jun 11
There is, i tried this once and i got most of the files back but unordered and when you have 30000 pictures to sort(example) you aren't very happy. And it took like a day to get those files and i searched around for a proper program for about a day. Or you can pay a company to do it but it's not cheep. So let it go if there was like 20 gigs of stuff and nothing that important.