How to quicken the speed of web?

June 18, 2011 10:10pm CST
Do you meet the problem that the speed is very slow to open some web? it is bored to wait for it.How do you deal with it?
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
30 Jun 11
It gets pretty frustrating , isn't it, with the computer getting so slow, and one has to wait a long long time for any thing to come up. That has happened to my computer too. This can be because of virus attacks too. So, I installed virus protection and that helped. In addition, I installed a package which speeds up the computer. That worked very well too.
• China
1 Jul 11
Well,sometimes,the computer will carry the virus when i open some website or other people send some unsafe connections.By this time,safeMgr is useful,because it can intercept the dangerous website and the information that can protect our computer.I don't know the package before.i want to have a try.Thank you a lot!
@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
19 Jun 11
Basically it all comes down to internet provider if you really want to improve your experience buy a bigger connection package. You can use to see what your speed is and maybe share it here. Other than that use free software ccleaner that is free and cleans files that compile from searching and speeds things up. Also don't have too many pages opened at the same time or don't download anything while you're on youtube watching a clip for example. ood pc also counts and the wright flash player and so on but it is the least important thing inmy opinion. The first is connection. I have around 12Mbps which is more than average user and it's never too fast.
• China
1 Jul 11
Right,i can't open many pages at the same,which can slow down the speed,and it is a good idea to download the software of raising the speed.Thanks a lot!