I love my Father

Father and a child -  Children grow under the shadow of mother's affection. But father's affection remains hidden to the children. Children realize father's role to grow up when they become adult.Then they can understand the affection of father towards them.
@bhanusb (5709)
June 19, 2011 3:02am CST
After first opening eyes a baby grows up under the shelter of mother. Under the shadow of mother's affection a baby gradually becomes an adult. Father is like a distance island. Generally fathers(specially in the Eastern countries) take responsibility of the whole family on his shoulders. So fathers remain busy and out of family touch. The children get father's company for very few times. The children realize father's existence slowly with getting maturity. Then the children gradually realize father's hidden affection to them. Today is International Father's Day. I remember my late father. We are nine siblings. When our father got retirement from Government service we the siblings were little. Our eldest sister was only 18 years old. Our father work hard to make us stand on our own feet. He gave us proper education. Now all we are established. He is no more.But he remains in our core of heart. I love my Great Father.
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@jmana02 (57)
• Philippines
19 Jun 11
Hi bhanusb, I feel the same emotions with you. My dad is already gone..6 years ago but he will be in my heart no matter what. He always be a hero for me, his strength and determination to raise us is amazing.
@bhanusb (5709)
• India
24 Jun 11
Hi jmana, yes our fathers will remain our heart forever.